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Just two years ago, Jennifer Garner said she was steering clear of Botox because “I have a big forehead, and I don’t want it to be like this slab, a big glacier. But divorce can put a new complexion on things. Her split The from Ben Affleck has left Jen, 43, actress is determined to reinvent herself, thrilled with the and sources claim she’s been work she’s Jiad done, spending $5,000 a month on Botox and fillers. Shes younger and sexy than she each day, says an insider. “She’s has in years.’ been detoxing and working hard with her Alias trainer, but she’s also getting some help from a plastic surgeon. All of a sudden the wrinkles are gone and her eyes aren’t puffy. The mom of three is so pleased with the results, the source says, that she’s wondering why she didn’t do it earlier: “Jen looks 10 years younger, and now she’s hoping she can land some new roles and even some dates. Hey, whatever works!

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