Jessa’s Shocking Confession! This Is Your ‘Daily Duggar Dirt’

And it’s just been such a blessing to me as I’m stepping into mommy hood myself Jessa to Jill, and even Jana the Duggars have fans talking all over social media let’s start with Jessa she recently had a confession to make, and fans were scratching their heads the counting on star took to Instagram on Monday October 1st telling fans to tune in to the season finale of counting on on TLC she said quote this is seriously my favorite episode ever, and I’m not even just saying that now Jessa has 18 siblings, and as witnessed six weddings aside from her own. So it was shocking to see her actually confess that she had a favorite wedding with some fans even saying how was her own wedding not her favorite I just couldn’t believe it the moment was finally here. I was about to marry my favorite person in the whole world meanwhile fans were a little bit harsher when it came to Jill well we know she loves to share life updates on her blog dealer family dot-com fans weren’t all that impressed with her latest, and very obvious revelation Jill wrote a post titled playtime outside giving out advice that parents should let their kids play outside. So that they tired out, and go right to bed when they get home duh, and of course fans were quick to judge with one saying quote Jill ain’t too bright. But we’d be remiss not to point out that eight isn’t even a word. So that fan should have thought twice about that comment, and last. But not least Jana Duggar has finally gotten herself a little companion, and he’s probably cuter than most male companions his name is willow, and he’s an adorable white lab, and there you have it that’s your daily Duggar dirt for more keep it here at my blog com.

Jessa’s Shocking Confession! This Is Your ‘Daily Duggar Dirt’ Photo Gallery

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