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Forget your apple a day – you won’t want to keep this doctor away Lifted ALL THE WAY Exclusive for rides eaders CALL US AND QUOTE ‘BRIDES’ TO BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION CLINIC DRAY LONDON IF YOU’RE AFTER A NUPTIAL LOOK SO FRESH THAT IT BELIES THE FINE LINES induced by seating arrangements, wedding favours, or band-dropped-out-because-theysuddenly-got-famous problems, check out renowned French cosmetic surgeon Dr Dray’s signature treatments. MESOLIFT Dr Dray’s own creation, the MesoLift is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment.

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A cocktail of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids is delivered – alone or in conjunction with platelet rich plasma (PRP) – by micro-air gun injections. Great for a glow even guests in the back row can see. 10 MINUTE LIFT If the only other thing you’ll commit to is your lunch break, opt for the 10-minute lift. The quick, injectable treatment, which combines hyaluronic acid gel and calcium, helps to redefine facial contours, particularly around the jawline and cheekbone.

Restoring skin density, it’s ideal if you want a natural lift. LIP REFRESH All eyes will be on you and that kiss, so make sure your lips are ready with this gentle plumping treatment. Following the natural shape of the mouth, hyaluronic acid gel is injected to enhance the outline of the lips, and increase blood flow to deepen their natural tone. BODY PERFECT Need your body to match the perkiness of your mood? Try the Bodyslim programme for reducing stubborn fat and cellulite, or the Bodyfirm programme to lift and tighten sagging skin. Utilising cuttingedge technology – cryolipolysis, ultrasound and radiofrequency – you’ll be saying ‘I do’ to a streamlined, svelte physique.

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