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Khan further talks about Candy Crush Manicure and Pedicure Services, which are part of Lakme Salon’s premium pedicure range. The service provides relief from the stress while deeply nourishing and detoxifying skin. She adds, “Containing a combination of natural butters and pure essentials oils and detoxifying effervescent bath bombs that helps reduce dead skin build up, dryness and dehydration while soothing and deeply nourishing skin, leaving hands and feet soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Perfect for all skin types, this 90 minute pedicure service begins by using a Peditrex machine that aids in hygienically removes dead skin from the soles of the feet before soaking them in water. Feet are then pampered to a healing and relaxing therapy massage with lotion, leaving it renewed and pampered.”

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To conclude, Gaur shares her wishlist of products that she thinks are apt to beat the summer concerns for hair and skin, “I would like to see more of anti-tan, hair colour protects, silicon based products, non-greasy products and also the products which contain Vitamin E and vitamin A for healthy skin and hair.”

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Summers are here again, and with its scorching heat and tiresome lethargy – it compels us to not to budge an inch from our homes. People avoid their daytime chores to evenings, and evening turns to weekends. Similar remains the case with salon visits -which are often delayed by ladies to avoid the merciless sun. No wonder this makes a salon loose the footfall of clients while making the business drop, too. Bharti Taneja, veteran beauty expert, renowned aesthetician and cosmetologist and Founder-Director of ALPS, feels that with a proper strategy, it is possible to not only retain your clients, but to increase the number as well.

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