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Chances are, if our hair has started to show signs of inferior growth patterns like excessive shedding, baldness, slow growth, etc., we are probably deficient of some nutrients that are shared among other organs.

If your body organs are deficient in nutrients, the nutrients from the hair vitamins will be shared among your deficient organs before they reach your hair follicles.

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That being said orally ingested, food based nutrition, geared toward hair and skin health would be optimized for those who already have maintained well-balanced, nutritionally sound bodies.


Why is my hair so dry?

Natural hair needs moisture, lots of it. Use products that specify that they provide moisture to the hair. I find that co-washing or using conditioner instead of shampoo contributes to softer, suppler hair.

If you experience excessively dry hair I recommend shampooing no more than twice a month and cleanse the hair with the co-wash method in between shampooing. Beware of build up. You may need to do a good clarifying wash every now and then to thoroughly cleanse your hair.

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