Popping a natural supplement could help ease that drained, worn-out feeling 4 Melatonin is known for regulating your sleep and getting you in sync with your holiday destination’s time zone. Try the melatonin-boosting Boxall& Carmichael Sleep, R299,90 for 60 vegicaps,

4 Adjust to the differing time zones with ease by using a homeopathic remedy that has arnica in it, to alleviate sleeplessness. No-Jet-Lag, R89 for 32 chewable tablets,

4 Remember to nourish your nervous system prior to and throughout your trip with a multivitamin that helps with energy and mental clarity. Try Solal 3-Per-Day Multivitamin, R198 for 90 capsules,

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I would have been fifteen or sixteen and had been at my friend is mum is wedding. I would been drinking and we went to a pub in town afterwards. Jason came and met me and decided I was too drunk to be out so he walked me back to his house and asked his mum to take me home. We woke her up and she had to drive me to my Dad is house. Not a great first impression! I like to think I have improved in her eyes since. Halfway through sixth form, with my focus squarely on working to earn a living and spending time with my boyfriend, I dropped out of school. I felt too grown up for it next to my peers. I waitressed at a restaurant in Hawera, and then I got a full-time job at Yarrows the Bakers (a big employer in Manaia). I worked four twelve-hour shifts a week, standing at a conveyor belt rolling pastry into croissants. I started building my own life, and in doing so, I began to slowly pull away from my mum and sisters.

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