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A gentle taster that leaves you wanting more

Jim Hornsby, former leader of the sadly defunct Diesel Therapy, is an uncanny musician. He remains a master of tasteful understatement. His voice has a wisdom and warmth that at once feels comfortable, sort of a cross between Mark Knopfler, and J J Cale. As a musician he always exhibits taste and economy, be it guitar, dobro or banjo.

Mr Hornsby was a mentor to the young Steve Cunningham, his new label boss, and itwould appear Jim has found his home on the Boomchang label.

This four song EP features two originals and one apiece from Pete Scott and Martin Stephenson. Mr Hornsby approaches his music in the sort of relaxed fashion that the late J J Cale would no doubt have approved of.

Pete Scott’s One Man Band has a lazy New Orleans feel to it with its accordion, horns, dobro and bluesy harmonica backing.There is a typically sprightly acoustic guitar run from Mr Hornsby and a nice accordion fill from Steve Cunningham.

Original, MyPartOfTown, has a mellow late evening feel to it; ‘Got some nice wine and the music is fine, in this part of town/ There’s a seat by a fire, heavenly choir in this part of town.’

The other original. One More Time, may be the pick of the bunch. It has a lovely resigned down at heel feel. ‘I used to walk around town, feeling the earth through the soles of my shoes, trying to shake off these working man blues, one more time.’ The piano, strummed acoustic guitar and organ fills are perfect. The background vocal ooohs are great, too.

Mr Hornsby’s friend, Martin Stephenson, provides the final song, Salutation Road. Jim often backs Martin on stage and this song seems a perfect choice. The weary traveller returning home;’tell Beth I’ve got the first train home.’ ‘Lead me north east where the ships are home’, indeed.

This EP’s only fault is that it is just that, an EP! It’s a nice taster, but Mr Hornsby’s talents requirea larger canvass to letthe music breathe. John Brindle


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