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Relentless rockabilly from South Wales

Rockabilly isn’t normally something that

features on my radar, as a rule. I usually find it (and no offence to any hardcore rockabilly fans) a tad annoying and incessant. I therefore picked up SANITY, John Lewis’ 17th album (and second with HisTrio), with a slight sense of trepidation. I have to say, though, I was pleasantly surprised. There are several tracks on this 13-song album that are not just listenable, but very enjoyable. Opening track Flat-Top Cat is a tribute to the late rockabilly legend Mac Curtis, who passed away, and Lewis’ respect and admiration for him is evident (and the fact it sounds UkeJailhouseRock \r\ places definitely appealed to me). The album’s title track is also a stand-out, with Beach Boys-style doowop harmonies from The Jets giving it the innocent, 60s America style that epitomises the genre.

As much as I hate the recent ‘retro revival’ that has cropped up in all areas of today’s life – cars, clothes, toasters – this little slice of old-school rockabilly put a smile on my face on a cold, wet,

November evening. Chris Beck

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