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Before your winter getaway, take a trip to FlightOOi-a one-stop shop for frequent fliers. OKI caught up with founders John Sencion and Brad John to talk packing, business class and more!

What inspired you to open Flight OOl?

JS: Brad and I started the company to create a retail solution for today’s discerning and busy travelers. We’ve created and curated the best travel products on the market without wavering in our commitment to design and comfort.

What should everyone have in his or her carry-on?

BJ: Hand wipes, mints for takeoff and landing, reading material to stay entertained and aspirin – because you never know when you’ll need it.

Do you have any packing tips?

BJ: Before packing, I lay my clothes out by outfit and by day. I pair multiple tops to a single pair of bottoms, bring one pair of both versatile and comfortable shoes and pack a sweater or sweatshirt.

What’s the best seat on a plane?

JS: For me, business class. First class is too expensive, and economy is too cramped.

Any advice for international travelers?

BJ: It may sound obvious, but you should always have a copy of your passport stored somewhere away from the original.

What’s a good holiday gift for a traveler?

JS: Our Spacepak set is life-changing. It reduces the volume of your packed items by 30 percent so you can pack more.

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