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Crafted for Anjali’s own brand Mohabbat, the Baugh collection of soft and plush merino wool carpets were hand felted by skilled Kashmiri artisans. Her meticulous eye for art resulted in a line inspired by spring blossoms and Mughal art. Zoha’s Nova rug explores a simple but thoughtful possibility of using both sides of the carpet. They approached unemployed Banarasi sari loom weavers to produce these handwoven viscose pieces.


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 It was good to see my mother and father and they professed to be glad to have me home, but it was awkward for me and I suspect the same for them. I was uncomfortable with my speech, my manners had no fluency and there didn’t seem to be a place where I fitted. Sometimes I went to the pub with my father; I was always proud to be with him. Peter was working in a bank by now and had his own life mapped out. He hadn’t set out to be a banker but a car accident had blocked his plans to join the RAF. We went to pubs together; we both drank too much. He pumped me for tales. I obliged but they lacked context and seemed too far-fetched as we stood together in an English pub with our pints of Ushers bitter. He scoffed at some. He couldn’t connect.

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