JoJo Fletcher and Becca Tilley Take Us Inside The Bachelor Mansion

So what’s something that we don’t know as viewers about the bachelor mansion some inside the dishwasher doesn’t work when I say that they would – imagine how many girls like the first once the first rose ceremony happens there’s what like 19 girls living in a house out eating I don’t think you ever did the dishes one. So you probably don’t know I remember I know you didn’t I remember sitting there being like. I would be washing them, and someone would come, and put a plate as I’m reading them, and I’m like are you gonna read that or is that for me to do I guess oh. Yeah another thing. That you don’t know that was just pure torture is you have 20 plus girls in a house all living together they don’t run the AC. Because the AC is too loud for the audio picks up, it’s the same thing in here. So we’re in summer assuming you’ve got girls using their blow dryers their straightener girls try, and get their lashes on just melt off I mean, it’s just in times of getting ready, and the last thing I’ll say one of them. So that we’re sharing three bathrooms amongst all of us right yeah, and one of the my luckily my room had a like a crate or grate over the mirror. So like you could only see in like squares. So we would be out on the balcony with like our compact mirror being oh yeah. So that. So we want to know about clothes are they your clothes do they give you clothes or when you’re a contestant of course. Yeah they’re all of our clothes I think I borrowed on the first season. I was on I borrowed clothes from friends I bought dresses from forever 21, and then I my night one dress it was the sequined dress it was my sister’s from like five years before that, and I put a shoestring around to belt it, and then like blaust it. So now I could see it they got to go through two seasons of new war that’s double whammy for you that were part of the bachelors packing for The Bachelor. I can’t even imagine the amount of money spent. Because you guys always look flawless every single date Jojo I want to know when you’re the bachelor do you get hair do you get makeup do you get clothes you’re treated better that’s you um I had a stylist for the show. So, it’s actually pretty cool when you become the lead you spend like your first basically week before the show starts doing fittings. So you walk into the stylists house, it’s all done in his house, and there’s just racks of gowns, and Couture, and right off the runway, and like all these amazing pieces, and you just go in, and you just start going through the racks, and pulling things that you like, and then you narrow it down, and then you do the fitting. So that part was like a movie like a scene out of Sex in the City for me it was like a moment I’ll never forget, and we had a makeup artist. But I did my own hair the whole season yeah. So did you get to keep the dresses no. But for some reason they let me keep the dress I was dumped in. But not at your dinner with engaged in I’m very confused by that what do you think keep the dress you’re engaged no, it’s sitting somewhere in a warehouse I don’t know I thought I got to keep the one I got dumped into a consolation prize get the ring oh you got dumb you can have the dress anyway today I need to sell that or something safe to say we’re not wearing that dress no no no. So when you guys are aren’t on a date what goes on what are we doing painting are now blow-drying each other’s clip-in a queen we painted her nails almost like three to four times in a day over, and over again like we would paint in I’m good nah we have the time we played a lot of games with food okay oh. Yeah just make you just make do with what you got. Yeah I have no phones no phone no TV well not until you get to top four you’re like you don’t have time not a phone. But you have it the TV you have like a little more freedom. Because you’re alone yeah, and you’re in a hotel in a hotel. Yeah yeah. But they took the TVs out on the hotel room not me well I didn’t make it a lot more oh man. But on Christmas isn’t it more of a pushover, and I followed the rules, and the rules she is such a real fly drive me crazy, and I hate that about me I also get anxious when I do bad things I like I brought my phone on the second season I stuck a phone on on to vend season, and I would just like oh no. But then how can you taught me to do that I would I had it, and she was the only person who knew she’d wreck can I use your phone, and she’d go into the bathroom, and make this whole scene I’m like just be discreet don’t get me caught. Yeah emails oh then your dad oh um. But then she was like okay here’s the game plan you’re becoming the Bachelorette needs you to sneak in a phone. So we can talk, it’s not gonna I pad, and a phone. So am i overdoing this I breaking rules like within the first two days my iPad was found, and I got. So anxious. But then I still had my burner phone tucked away you’re never used I came back she’s like not a single text not a thing I’m like I reality Stevie or you’re devastating.

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