Jordan Smith Talks New Album ‘Only Love’

Hi yes well I’m used to like leaning in, and kissing housewives. So I’m just gonna do will cut it before that happens what’s up guys I’m Joe Drake here with the one the only the voice Jordan Smith how’s it going good. So, it’s been three years since you won the voice how crazy it has been um, it’s been pretty wild. Yeah doesn’t know that you say that it doesn’t feel like, it’s been that long yeah. But it also kind of feels like, it’s been where I am ago, it’s weird. But, it’s been crazy well here we are three years later love is out yes your third full-length album, it’s amazing. Yeah this is actually like. I feel like this is my life’s work I’ve said that. So many times. Yeah I’d just like since the show everything I’ve done up until this point the first album was really rushed, and the second one was Christmas music. So as all covers, and write this is really like defining for me that I consider it kind of my debut album just. Because I feel like I’ve spent my whole life living these songs, and or I spent you know the last two years writing them, and working on this album, and it’s like my biggest thing today six songs have you as a writer yes that’s amazing like 50% of it. I wrote were you writing songs before the voice for yourself I was. But like those are things I wrote in my bedroom that I will never let anyone ever know. Because they’re like trash, and then I’m like embarrassed by them like you know my emotional teen angst, and even the ones you didn’t write John Legend I guess they were cool. Yeah I know John Legend wrote a song end, and love which is just crazy I had to go in, and sing after I heard his demo I actually went in, and cut the song away. So I had to listen to him sing at first, and then I had to try to go in like topic. So let’s just hope nobody ever sees his version, and you also as a writer co-wrote a song for Celine Dion forget to. Yeah which is early the songs that you’re writing in her bedroom can’t be better this is one that I actually thought was like people would hate really, and. Yeah I just kind of like wrote the course of the song like driving down the road, and saying it into my phone I was in the car, and we ended up going in the studio, and they wanted to use it for the movie, and then I didn’t know who was gonna sing it, and they finally like the big reveal its Selena you know I better that way that you write not knowing. Yeah if they were like please write a song for Celine Dion I’m just not sure how that would work. Yeah I don’t think that’s possible to like think of her, and write something that’s good enough. But no like, it’s incredible that she’s saying it I’ve been her fan obviously forever cuz I’m a singer, and as a singer she’s like the person. But it was awesome, and I got to see her do it live in Vegas her show, and I was just weeping that was the most beautiful performance ever seen like thank you. So much thank you. So what’s next a tour um hopefully. Yeah where we’re gonna get these songs in front of people I’ve been like practicing with a choreographer I like rehearsing these songs are crazy you’re putting together quite a bit of a good stage show I think. So. Yeah do you think we’ll go back to the voice I know you’ve been back as a mentor I hope. So. Yeah I loved getting to do that be on the other side of it, it’s like talking to the contestants, and I was working on my own record at the time. So I had like this thing of I saying these things to these contestants. But I’m also like putting them into action on my own now Boris it was a really cool thing to be able to like some bring that back to them, and share it with them great well thanks for stopping by that was wonderful thank you great nice to meet you good to meet you.

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