Justin Bieber Boyfriend Hairstyle Tutorial

Justin isn't the first celebrity to work with OPI. Fellow recording artist Katy Perry and tennis superstar Serena Williams have also developed shades for the nail polish brand. Products and advertisements out on the market, Justin has reached his media-saturation point, but his Q scorethe standard numeric index of a celebrity's popularity, as used by advertisersremains on solid footing. Rumors keep swirling about Justin's next ventures.

He's reportedly had talks to open his own retail store.

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He's also hinted that he'd like a shoe line someday. With all of these irons in the fire, it's easy to see why Justin has become one of the top celebrity earners.

But with so much of it going to charity, Justin is far from cashing in. He's putting a new meaning to pay it Forbes may count Justin among its highest earners in celebrity endorsements, but for all he earns, he gives back a substantial amount. It's one of the many things that got him noticed by the philanthropic group Do Something.

But for Justin it's more than that. It's a personal commitment to give back.

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