He’s so passionate about what he does and he does it for his fans, Jada Pinkett Smith said to Chelsea Handler in a recent interview. Usher thinks Bieber’s special-something is more intangible. He was born a star, the singer told Time magazine. He knew what he wanted to accomplish; all he had to do was get everyone else to believe it.. Stay tuned, because his story will get even better.


I know it was very hard for her, too. She is half Maori like us but was brought up by Pakeha parents, so had a daily reminder that her situation was different to other kids’. Dad moved out to Hawera, and Casey, who was born on his birthday and had always been particularly close to him, went too. I took on an intuitive and automatic big sister makesure-everyone’s-okay role, helping my mum to bring up a household full of girls. I was still only thirteen myself. At that young age, I tried my absolute best to support my mum. I saw and felt how much she was hurting I hated my dad when she hated him, I loved him when she loved him and I became her rock and tried to protect her and my little sisters with all my heart and might. We moved around a bit during this time, and for a while I attended Otakeho Primary School, between Hawera and Opunake. Eventually, the family moved into Hawera, closer to Mum is work, and I had a short stint living with my nana Dad is mum in Opunake and going to the high school there. I would wanted to go to the school that all my friends were going to after Otakeho Primary, but it wasn not really practical and so I enrolled in Hawera High School and moved back to Mum is to help out with my sisters again.

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