Participating was a no-brainer for Justin, who felt the call to action. The fringe An unselfish regard or devotion to the needs of others benefit was standing alongside some true giants of the recording industry. It was ‘ incredible…. I got to work with…all the greats…. Barbra Streisand was on one side If there is one organization with which Justin is mostly closely associated, it is no doubt Pencils of Promise. The nonprofit, started by Scooter Braun’s brother Adam Braun, is a labor of love. While backpacking through 50 countries across the world as a 27-year-old, Adam saw the need for change firsthand. In India, I asked a boy begging, ‘If you could have anything, what would you want?’ He said a pencil, so I gave him mine, and he exploded with this big smile and an overwhelming sense of possibility, Braun recounts. It was an incredibly transformative moment for me, he told the Hollywood Reporter. Returning to America, Braun quit his job in finance and started Pencils of Promise in 2009. The mission: to build schools and bring educational resources to the places that need it most. That first pencil led to many pencils. Now, in every country I go to, I pass out pencils which lead to conversations, usually with parents…. Probably 80 to 90 percent of them are most concerned with education for their children. So that’s always been my ambition. Braun continued.


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