Pame is a tricky thing. With a vast team of managers, producers, crew, and other entourage members surrounding a singer, it’s tempting for artists to believe that the world revolves around them. Justin Bieber is not one of those art- SAY WHAT? Bieber’s commitment to giving back is authentic and extraordinary, and the fact that it has been such an important part of his life at such a young age is truly inspiring to us all. Paul West, founder and chairman of Give Back Brands ists. He has shown time and again that he is committed to giving back. And he gives and givesnot only through financial contributions but with his time. For a kid whose own grueling touring schedule and other commitments already wear him thin, his insistence on making charity a top priority is commendable. His ti reless philanthropic efforts earned him a 2010 Do Something Award and a 2010 Power of Youth Philanthropy Award from Varietyimpressive accolades for the then-16-year-old. The awards recognized not only the singer’s personal contributions, but also the influence he had on others to get involved. Indeed, Justin’s charitable spirit has caused a ripple effect throughout his fan base, galvanizing a whole generation of Beliebers to think globally about giving. Justin has used his musical talent to contribute to a number of charitable causes in his short career. In January 2010 a devastating earthquake hit the island of Haiti, causing widespread destruction and claiming more than 300,000 lives. Artists across the United States answered the call, recording a new version of We Are the World to help raise funds to aid rebuilding efforts. The original song, written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson and conceived as a charitable effort to send aid to a poverty-stricken Africa, became the top-selling single of all time. In the 25th anniversary version, Justin was given the honor of the song’s opening solo. Benefiting the Red Cross, the new single brought much-needed funds to tragedy-stricken Haitians.


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