Paired with the nail polish, Justin put his own spin on the typical celebrity fragrance venture. Partnering with Etoile Nation Beauty, he launched a line of scented wristbands and dog tags bearing four unisex scents. The products use a recent innovative technology: a patented resin that will hold the scent for up to a year. The My World” accessories each bear the singer’s name and face, and come in fragrances with names inspired by the singer’s personality. Sold at Wal-Mart stores, the products have been another huge seller. Having conquered fragrances with his innovative accessories, he bowed his first traditional perfume in June 2011. As Justin described to Today, I’m more interested in how females smell than males, which is why I decided to do it for all the girls, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity.” The launch for Someday for women, held at Macy’s In a recession, the last thing people want to hear about is entitlement. They want to hear about hard work, a successful story, and the American Dream.’ And funny enough that the American Dream’ came from some kid in Canada


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