Scooter Braun, to Forbes about what makes Justin such a good role model and brand ambassador flagship store in New York City, attracted massive crowds of fans, many of whom had camped out all .nightin the rainfor a glimpse of the singer, who was on hand to sign autographs and shill his latest The fragrance is described by the isn’t surprising enough, he’s also recently distributor, energy with a state-of-mind that inspires. It is a personal gift straight from his heart, giving fans a chance to one step closer to Justin. It’s a fragrance he can’t get enough of and can’t stay away from, making those who wear it irresistible.” Little wonder, then, that so many lined up to their hands it first. He teamed with legendary rapper Dr. Dre recently to release his own brand of Beats, the Dre-developed headphones that have become increasingly popular in the digital music signed with the Middleton family (yes, as in Princess Kate!), who own an online party-planning business called Party Pieces. The Web site purchased rights to sell the Justin Bieber Ultimate Party Kit,” a veritable Bieber party in a box.


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