By the end of the conversation, both Scooter and J us-tin knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Reflecting on the connection they had in that first conversation, Justin wrote, Sure, he was young, but he was polite and super-motivated. He knew a lot about the business. And he believed in me. As history has proven, Scooter’s instincts were right. In no time at all, Justin was signed to a record deal, climbing the charts, and embarking on a world tour across five continents. It was crazy. Suddenly the whole world was paying attention, he wrote. His mentor Usher offered him some sage advice as he embarked on his first world tour. The The title of Justin’s autobiography was inspired by inspirational words from Usher. successful journey starts with the first step. And obviously that first step is the hardest. It’s a lot to ask of someone so young to take on such an incredible feat. You’ve got to pace yourself. Enjoy yourself. Go out there and know that all this hard work has paid off, and this is the moment for you to enjoy it.


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