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Predictably, he likes school about as much as most students do. Sometimes he just wants to throw erasers at the teacher's head. ? And maybe he likes to play the occasional prank on his tutor, Jenny, tooalthough he tries to keep the schoolwork balanced with the merrymaking. In one funny moment in his autobiography, he writes about how he tricked his tutor with a science experiment,  which ended up with her getting a handful of butter. Pranks vs school = pranks win all day.

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Can you blame me? ? he writes in First Step 2 Forever. But while school sometimes feels like a chore, he doesn't need to be reminded about the value of education. In fact, one of the causes closest to his heart is Pencils of Promise, an organization that helps to build schools in underdevel oped ountries.

The charity's mission is to provide education for those among the 75 million children worldwide who do not have access to schooling. And let's not forget what makes him the most typical teenage boy of all. Girls.

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