Justin Tweeted this photo of himself and Ryan posing as Harry Potter and Ozzy Osbourne. Too funny! Remember the Best Buy commercial from the Super Bowl? Justin appearedthis time with the real Ozzy Osbourneand dressed up as a much older version of himself. (Kinda scary!) Justin has also worn disguises out in public; he went incognito in glasses and a fake mustache at the 2011 Critics’ Choice Awards. He once even wore a women’s blonde wig on stage at a concert!


With the separation, our lifestyle changed overnight. Family members rallied around us and neighbours helped us out, but there were some people who had been friendly with Mum when she was with Dad who now didn not want to know her. Financially, things were drastically different and Mum, who was working part-time as well as looking after us kids, was really struggling though she knew how to make small changes to ensure we didn not go hungry. Mum had grown up as one of ten kids with not a lot of money, and it was as though she adapted right back into that lifestyle. She knew all the tricks to live on a tight budget and even we kids adapted a little in our own way we would do things like mix our fancy Coco Pops with budget Rice Bubbles to make them go further! Our pantry was full of No Frills-brand food items, which we hated. All the other kids had Raro and we had disgusting cheap cordial we felt so hard done by. Mum would spend the weekends baking for our school lunches; marshmallow shortcake was her go-to, and we kids felt embarrassed at our homemade baking when the other kids at school had store-bought biscuits. Now I cringe at our reaction to this we were lucky we had a mum who baked all day so we could have a good lunch. My sister Rikki and I had asked for new shoes for netball, and through tears, Mum took us older kids through her weekly budget so we could understand what was coming in and what needed to go out. Of course, we were too young to fully understand the situation until Mum showed us where every last dollar went.

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