Sure, you know a lot about Justin, but what about where he comes from? Test your knowledge of Stratford, Ontario, with this brain-busting quiz. 1. What is the name of the annual Shakespeare Festival that takes place in Stratford? A: The Royal Stratford Shakespeare Festival B: The Stratford Shakespeare Festival C: The Stratford Festival of Shakespeare D: The Royal Theatre Festival 2. What bird, commonly found among the parks and gardens of Stratford, is the town’s honorary animal ambassador?


I think at the time the family budget was $140 in the red; despite Mum is adjustments, we didn not have enough to live on. Our first family photo without Dad. I’m top left I remember I had been crying about something all night and that morning. My sixth little sister, Rebecca. My sisters Siborne (left) and Tamiya during their school years at My sisters Siborne (left) and Tamiya during their school years at kura kaupapa. My aunty Pet and uncle Paul. I love them so much. My sisters Casey (left) and Rikki visiting Dad is house. Mum knew she needed to go to social welfare for assistance, and this made her upset and embarrassed. She had always been the one helping other women and their families; now she was the one who needed help.

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