When he saw that I wanted to play not just playhe’d let me sit on his knee while he played on the drum kit, Justin writes in his memoir. After a while, he handed me the sticks and let me have a go at it. Surrounded by music at home and church, Justin was continually learning. When I listened to music in church, I could feel the harmonies hanging in the air like humidity. It wasn’t an issue of learning it exactly: it was more as if the music soaked in through my skin, he wrote in First Step 2 Forever. It wasn’t long before Justin’s curiosity led him to new musical instruments. By the time he was able to lift it, he started playing the guitar. He also learned the piano. It turned out Justin had an ear for music, and he would often play songs he had heard on the radio from memory. There wasn’t enough money to go around for music lessons, but Justin was thriving on his own as a self-taught musician. He simply had a knack for it.


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