Justin’s team, or family, as he calls his inner circle, have a professional ambition to see their artist succeed, but they also feel a strong personal commitment to the singer’s upbringing. Ninety percent of my job is making sure he becomes a good man. That’s a family, says manager Scooter Braun in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Having his road family and his mom with him at every step along the way has been crucial in keeping the musician grounded. The component of faithJustin leads a prayer vigil before each showis another strong foundation. I pray all the time.


I still remember Dad going around the house in a rage, damaging bits and pieces. He had been so proud of that house and I guess in a moment of helplessness the only thing he could think to do was make it less valuable to the bank. Mum and us girls were able to stay on for a while in the house after he left, so I guess his plan worked. When they broke up, my mum was pregnant, but not with a child to expand our family. Dad is sister couldn not have children, and she and her husband had asked Mum and Dad if they would have a baby for them. I so admire Mum for doing that I wouldn not hesitate to have a child for one of my sisters if they asked, but it is another thing to help your sister-in-law in this way. Sadly, the pregnancy coincided with the end of my parents’ relationship, and Mum is sisters, knowing that she couldn not possibly look after six girls by herself, begged her to at least keep the baby in their family somehow. But Mum and Dad had signed an agreement. So, honouring the promise they would made, the baby was handed over and this youngest sister of mine, Rebecca, was brought up as my cousin. We grew up not really knowing her; apart from going to one of her birthday parties when she was a little girl, we didn not see her much.

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