JYUNKA Blanc Trio Series

Clear and flawless skin is now possible with the revolutionary Blanc Trio Series. Infused with 5 key ingredients: Synovea HR, Mulberry Extract.

Lumiskin and Gigawhite, it evens out the skin tone, adds everlasting radiance and eliminates age spots. Consistingofthe Blanc Whitening Cream. Whitening Serum and Whitening Essence Mist, the advanced skincare series targets the ski n s deeper layers by preventing the formation of pigmentation. A glowing, supple visage is attained within just 7 to

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We were both earning decent money. I was four months pregnant by the time we tied the knot. My dad was in Australia at the time and it wasn not easy for him to come over, so Gabe walked me down the aisle. Mum came, and my sisters Rikki and Siborne, too. Aunty Pet, Uncle Paul and my cousin Devon and his partner Angela came, which made me really happy, and lots of Jason is family members came his Mum, Dad, brother, aunties and even his nana. I was sad that not all my family were there, but it was an awesome day, with around sixty of our family and friends. It was a relaxed wedding; we had the ceremony on a nearby motu, followed by an umu kai and traditional Rarotongan dancing. Gabe went back to New Zealand with family afterwards, and Jason and I went on to the States for our honeymoon, fitting in New York, LA, Vegas and San Francisco. It was kind of crazy going straight from the heat of Rarotonga to the snow in New York we were so not prepared for it! I went on maternity leave when I was around seven months pregnant and spent time having pregnancy massages and preparing the nursery. It was so different having a baby that was planned, and also being financially stable enough to buy everything new: buggy, cot, clothes, everything was new for this baby.

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