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Kacy and Clayton draw on the folk tradition but create their own modern sound

Kacy and Clayton are second cousins from Saskatchewan but their influences are almost completely rooted in the 1960s British Folk Revival. They cite influences such as Shirley Collins and Davey Graham and these are really audible in their own music as well as the few versions oftraditional songs that they play such as Seven Yellow Gypsies and The Plains of Mexico.

Kacy’s voice is beautiful and has an ethereal quality to it; it’s complimented brilliantly by the instrumentation which is never overpowering. Although the folk influence is clear these artists have still managed to create something different and completely their own, especially on tracks such as Brunswick Stew and Down At The Dancehall – this album whilst drawing on older folk traditions still manages to remain it’s own and never feels outdated.

Nevertheless, there are parts of this album that don’t entirely work for me, for example

the addition of an accordion in Down At The Dancehall felt slightly unnecessary to me. They could potentially afford to move even slightly further away from their influences and in the direction in which they are taking songs like The Rio Grande and Over the River Charlie which is a version of a traditional song but which seems more full of Kacy and Clayton’s unique identity than some of the others seem to.

This album is an interesting mix of traditional British folk influence and a slightly country twang, which has a lot of potential for development. Although there were things that I wasn’t completely crazy about in this album I am interested to see what this duo come up with next and am eager to see them develop into the artists that I believe they have the potential to become. Caitlin Arthur


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