Kaia Gerber Debuted Baby Bangs On The Miu Miu Runway

Kaia Gerber Debuted Baby Bangs Hairstyle On The Miu Miu Runway

The polarising baby bangs hair trend is here to stay.


Hey everybody this is one back to school braided hairstyles post, meaning that there’s no heat involved some are kind of strange. But that’s kind of your own personal preference and they range from difficulty levels, but most are pretty simple they’re about 17 hairstyles here. So let’s get started this first hairstyle the braided headband what you’re going to do is take 1 inch pieces of your longest strands of hair, and get the rest of your hair out of the way, and just braid it like normal and now you’re just going to take a clear elastic and tie. It off then do the same exact thing to the other side, same exact ring now just take your hair down now. Take one of the braids and plate over your head, if I wear a headband or B lift your hair up and then secure.

It with a bobby pin behind your ear maybe, two bobby pins of your thick canopy then take the other one into. The exact same thing behind your ears legs, out of the way and voila for this next hairstyle, an actor partner no really awkwardly with me and you how to separate that hair into three sections and what you’re going to do is bring it like a normal braid three times. One two three then you’re going to take the two pieces, and put them together like that. Then I take another piece from your head and braid, one two and then take that together, and then braid take another piece of bigger again. And then braid one is two and then just hold, those two pieces together to go, and I’m going out to just keep doing that.


Exact same thing you braid up to normally and then you take whatever two pieces, you’re at after those two you hold them together and, I take a neat piece and then you take those, two and just braid it one two. Then I guess I did three that time definitely matter and just do the same exact thing we’re doing dunnock cents it’s okay there’s more hairstyles like this. You’ll get it in a minute now just for you the rest of that normally, and then you’re going to go ahead and secure with the clear elastic. I’m cool and classy now for this next hairstyle just going to be comb and brush from, I guess where your bangs would be and just brush it into a really side part just like before secure. The rest of your hairs out of your way and then start doing the same thing, as before just thicker pieces a lot thicker pieces.


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