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Is age finally catching up with the legendary party pig?

Looks like someone’s not quite as young as they used to be – eh, Kate Moss? Yup, once upon a time the infamous party girl and her liver of steel could drink a small army under the table. Yet despite boasting last year,

I might be 40 but I still know how to party, Kate’s attempts to keep up with her younger boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismarck, 28, and pal Rita Ora, 25, at a London house party on December 5 fell flat.

In fact, the bleary-eyed 41-year-old could barely keep her eyes open as she staggered from the boozy bash to her waiting car with her young party pals in the wee hours.

Kate was an absolute state. She could barely walk in a straight line, giggled one onlooker, adding that the model nearly stacked it on the way , to the car!

Well, we didn’t give the notorious star our Hot Mess Lifetime Achievement gong in this year’s NW Awards (see page 44) for nothing, y’all!

But maybe it’s time for someone to start swapping the disco for disco naps, Mossy!

Kate Moss Photos Gallery 2016 Photo Gallery

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