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Techniques 1 & 2 can be applied to any three -strand style micro, regular or block braid.

Micro Braided Styles are singles braided in a smaller three-strand formation unattached to the scalp. This technique is used for two reasons: one to capture a full Bob Style and two to make the braids appear to look like the clients natural straightened hair. This style can last up to Two and half (2 1/2) months if cared for properly (see section on upkeep and maintenance). Micro braid styles usually look best with human hair extensions; however some beauticians have mastered the style using synthetic hair (like kanekolon or toyokolon).

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In micro human hair styles; clients prefer to leave ends open. Braid time 12-24 hours.

The Procedure is Simple:

Step 1: Separate a small pinch of hair from human hair bulk (do not cut human hair! )

Step 2: Separate pinch of human hair, gather together then pull into opposite directions.

Step 3: Make a tiny size part in client's hair.

Step 4: Grip parted hair at scalp (be sure to firmly grip client's hair)

Step 5: With free hand; gather pre-separated human hair, wrap hair around client's hair while pulling downward on human hair.

Step 6: Loop once to ensure the hair is locked into place, then loop client's natural hair (as if braiding) through the two open strands of human hair. At this point; a micro 3 strand braid will begin to form.

Step 7: Human hair can unravel easily, so to ensure hair stays into place repeat the gathering process (as described in step 7 of the three-strand synthetic hair braid technique 1) of mixing human hair and the client's natural hair.

Step 8: Stop braiding hair once braid has reached end of client's natural hair. The ends of the braid will be left open.

Author's Note: The gathering process will hold human hair extension in place. Beginners Note: In larger (than micro) human hair styles, to ensure its longevity braid the human hair tighter the gathering process.

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