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Iove over, Santa! It’s Suri Cruise’s parents, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who’ll be giving their adorable 9-year-old the gift she wants most this year a long-awaited family get-together. âœIt’s the first time Suri will have seen Tom in months,❠a friend of Katie reveals. âœIt’s all she can talk about She’s even made a special star for the top of the Christmas tree, and she’s been saving it for her dad to put in place.â

The trio will spend the better part of two days celebrating the season at Katie’s penthouse apartment in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, the insider says, before the actress, 36, travels with Suri to see her family in Toledo. âœSuri wants her dad to take her to the American Girl store and to go skating at Rockefeller Center,❠says the source. Though the apartment has three bedrooms, Tom, 53, will be bunking at a hotel nearby. âœKatie wasn’t ready to have him sleep under the same roof,❠the insider says. âœBut


Sources say that some in Katie’s circle including her lawyer dad, Martin, who helped mastermind her split from Tom in June 2012, which took the actor by surprise fear she’ll regret opening up her life to him again. âœBut it was Katie’s idea for them to spend time together over the holidays,❠says the insider. âœShe sees how other celebrities manage to stay friends after separating, and she thinks it’s

sad that Suri so rarely sees her father.❠For whatever reason his filming schedule, the couple’s disagreements over Scientology Tom has indeed gone for long periods without seeing Suri, even admitting at one point in 2013 that he hadn’t visited her for more than three months. âœThey swap text messages and speak on the phone,❠says the source, âœbut the older Suri gets, the more she wants her dad to be in her life.â

And the more confident Katie is that she can handle the closeness. âœWhen they separated, Katie was terrified that Tom was having people spy on her,❠says the insider. âœBut she’s in a good place now, and she’s not scared anymore. In fact, she’s been communicating with Tom quite a lot this year. She’s even talking fondly about good times they had together.❠Now she’s focused on creating warm memories for him and Suri. âœThey’ll bake his favorite white chocolate chip cookies,❠the source says, âœand put gifts for him voider the tree. Suri is counting down the days!â


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