Katya, Trixie Eureka & More! Your Favorite ‘Drag Race’ Queens At RuPaul’s DragCon 2018

What’s up guys I’m Joe Drake, and we’re here live at RuPaul’s Drag Con 2018, and we’re talking to some of your favorite stars that stars Queens Queens Silke fake silk sari knows what, it’s made of we couldn’t find RuPaul. So we found the next best thing not. So talkative today okay we’re here with Trixie Mattel what’s up guys last time she joined my blog she broke the Internet we’re trying to break it again. Do you remember that uh what he went down we were doing a Facebook live to. So many of your fans were reading that it crashed our. So many fans they all read do you think that’s what happened with shangela Katya how are you I’m doing great I’ve got my catheter in perfect I’ve got my nutrient sack taped to my neck can we finally admit to the world that you’re my drag mom okay tell us the inspiration behind this beautiful look um I went to my designer, and I said I need to look expensive, and she said okay, and then she brought you this. Yeah were you happy with it yes obviously our slow ride she’s like the plus-sized villainous icon of Disney, and I think that we all have like a little bit of Disney villain in us right who are you closest with that you’re icon. I mean I’m emotionally closest to Katya. But I’d like to be physically far away from her I would say Trixie I get along with all the girls to be honest. Yeah a couple booths down as Trixie Mattel I always said was my celebrity crush the one that I’m closest to the Queen here would be mr. Davis now he’s everyone’s favorite quick who are you closest to here come on exchange miss Angie she’s a no-show what was the last queen you texted, and what did you say the last Queen I text it was Alyssa Edwards, and my good one what I said to her was a girl. I don’t give a damn you’re on Netflix I cannot wait to see you I love it the last Queen I texted was a show Hara, and I said thank you for showing up to rehearsal normally show up no she just did show up you know it was nice to give thanks. Yeah well she’s gonna be my Ariel in my Ursula production we can’t wait for that, it’s probably to Eureka asking for the $45 that she owes me did she van mo you know why does she owe you that you don’t want to know. Yeah yeah the last was Katya, and that she landed I love that that’s so sweet. You only text people like I landed that you really love I absolutely love Katya Katya, and I will you know we were conjoined by the vagina in our season which is not an easy thing to tear away it makes an awful sound horrible we’ve experienced ten years of drag race we’ve experienced. So many challenges on the show what’s the one challenge that we haven’t seen that you wish they would do oh I think they should do something a little more on like they’ve never done a challenge where your challenge is to make a viral post cuz you know they’d love to bring big big big bitches they’d love to eat. But they don’t never like we’re than an actual cooking challenge with a real photo wall like can you cook. Oh bitch I can burn the problem is RuPaul doesn’t really like to eat in front of people. So he would probably have Michelle in Carson might try him right now honestly I want to see the drag queens more of them together living together I want to see that real life wake up in the morning see who wakes up first or who even wakes up a murder. Oh murder mystery or like an actual murder. Yeah I want there to be an actual murder like not like not like a murder mystery. But like a just like a straight-up homicide challenge where C is. Yeah yeah where they have to kill somebody, and then. But make it fashion or or maybe um, and wear them. Yeah yes a floral design challenge. Because as you can haven’t done that yet as you can see I like to arrange flowers Alexis Michelle was saying some shady to I’m not gonna be able to run this footage Alexis Michelle is that dry calm without a wig on.

Katya, Trixie Eureka & More! Your Favorite ‘Drag Race’ Queens At RuPaul’s DragCon 2018 Photo Gallery

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