Kawasaki ZZR 1400

Kawasaki Motors reintroduced the new 1400 with one sole intention: hitting every rider’s sweet spot. The revamped ZZR has already received numerous accolades and media attention for having a powerful engine, well-designed exterior, and maintaining its flagship class. The new 1400 continues to beat all competition with an assortment of new technology and features.

It all begins with the ignition that features a 44mm digital fuel injection system which, unlike its predecessor, offers more torque at all rpm and accurate fueling for more power and optimal response in the mid-high range. The narrow engine provides enough torque for high range capabilities with increased sensitivity for the low and mid-range, bringing its in-town responsiveness to peak levels. One added feature, the KTRC (Kawasaki

TRaction Control) system, synchronizes the best elements of Kawasaki’s traction control system into three modes which cover a range of riding conditions, offering either heightened sport riding performance or the ability to navigate slippery surfaces with assurance. Take into account the estimated 41 mpg (city) and the ZZR easily zooms past even the best luxury vehicles in fuel efficiency.

Cruising or commuting is a breeze with added cushioning on both the driver and passenger seats for more comfort and less vibration. The ZZR also featuresretractable luggage hooks located at the rear of the front seat, whose precise placement allows large items to be securely and easily attached to the rear seat. With its aerodynamic and sleek bodywork, not to mention its other capabilities, there’s no wonder why Kawasaki remains the hottest thing on the streets and definitely a motor must-have.

Kawasaki ZZR 1400 Photo Gallery

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