Kegel Exercise For Pregnant Women

“I concentrate on an image of myself. I don’t care about the other person. If you worry about the other person, you are lost.”

She added, “In a big meet, when there are a lot of people in the audience, you cannot have any fear. You must imagine in your mind that you are alone.

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“When you have fear, the first thing that happens is confusion of mind. The first symptom of fear is in your breathing. So take a deep breath. Learn how to breathe deeply, so that when you need to, you can take deep breaths until you feel your body relax, and then your mind is under control again.”

During matches, Vidheya folds her hands in the salute that she was taught by her master. She uses this gesture as a trigger to help her relax. “I entered my level and programmed that every time I do this, it will help me to control my breathing,” she explained. “I do this at the beginning and the end of each movement. It helps me to catch my breath, and to make sure that my mind is under control.

“We can control ourselves, or we can be controlled,” she said. “I practice every day so that I can be in control.”

Using visualization to correct mistakes

“If I do not do a movement perfectly,” Vidheya said, “then I go to my level and visualize until I can visualize doing it perfectly. I use my master as a model. He shows me how a movement is to be performed, so I visualize the image of him doing it until I can picture it mentally, and feel it, and know that it is perfect. Then I do it physically.

“When I am training, I have in mind a mental picture of my master. He shows me how the movement is done. I keep this picture of him in my mind. During competition, if I had a clear picture in my mind of myself performing the movement perfectly, then I would win,” she recalled.

She described how to correct mistakes. “You can go to your level and recall your mistakes,” she said. “Try to find out what is happening at the moment you make the mistake. Was it something in your mind? Was it the way you made the movement?”

Use the Three Scenes Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique, and make a good study of the problem in the first scene. Then in the next scene, imagine correcting the mistake and doing it right.

Recall the image of your master, of your coach. Repeat it over and over until you feel that everything flows easily. In the third scene, imagine yourself doing it perfectly. Then as soon as you can, go to the gym and do it physically.

“You cannot do it all with willpower alone,” she emphasized. “Use both will and imagination. They reinforce each other. Imagination gives you much more willpower.”

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