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Kellie Evans’ sons both have life-limiting conditions, but now she celebrates what makes them special… How do you see your children’s future? You may hope they’ll grow up to be doctors or lawyers, and there was once a time when I had the same high hopes for mine. But two devastating diagnoses mean that for both of my sons, those dreams have come crashing down. Yet it doesn’t make me any less proud of them. Although, it took my daughter Isabella to help me see that. I was already a mum to Isabella, four, and Alexander, one, when I met Dominic in April 2011. Recently divorced, I’d joined a dating site to find someone to talk to and there was something about his sincere tone that made me want to know more. We met in person three weeks later, and I could tell from the way he was with the children – playing with them in the park, and reading bedtime stories – that he was the one for me. Within five months, we’d moved in together and I was pregnant. The scans showed we were having a healthy little boy, and I was so looking forward to his arrival. It signalled a fresh start for us: new home, new baby, new life.

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