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While it’s not exactly the picture-perfect ending she envisioned for herself, the family friend says Khloe’s just so happy to be expecting that she’s determined to make it work.

âœIt’s been her lifelong dream to be a mum and everyone knows how hard it’s been for Khloe to sit back and watch her sisters get pregnant,❠adds the friend.

And Khloe believes her failure to conceive with Lamar was fate.

âœThere’s a reason why it didn’t work and that’s fine,❠reveals the mum-to-be. âœGod has always [had] a bigger plan.â

Of course, while she’s kept the news on the down low, the Kardashians have known for months, with Khloe reportedly sending her sisters and pals a simple text featuring a baby emoji and the hashtag âœ#Imreadyâ.

Now, with an announcement only weeks away, the healthconscious reality star is doing everything she can to ensure her pregnancy goes smoothly.

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