Khloe Kardashian makeup for dark eyes

Khloe has had to relax her workout routine and adjust her diet, says the insider. She’s eating super healthy, and although she’s added a few pounds, it doesn’t bother her one bit that she’s going to put on weight.

Still, she’s worried about how troubled Lamar is going to react to the baby bombshell.

He’s sure to take the news really badly and that’s a horrible thought for Khloe, says the insider.

But she’s got a clear conscience in the sense that she’s done so much to help his recovery. She can’t spend the rest of her life letting him hold her back.

Nori’s had plenty of practice with her baby cousin

She might have fame, fortune and millions of fans, but that doesn’t mean Kim Kardashian is immune to the struggles of looking after a newborn baby!

Yep, we hear that since welcoming son Sainton December5, Kimmy’s hormones have been running riot, leaving her a sobbing mess!

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