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As for the father, Khloe’s in no doubt James is the dad, because she wasn’t sleeping with anyone else around the time she must have conceived, the source says, referring to KoKo’s current beau, NBA star James Harden.

Of course, clucky Khloe is beside herself, and her happiness couldn’t be more deserved! Since first meeting estranged husband Lamar Odom in 2009, she’s been desperate to start a family.

I’ve always wanted to have kids, I do think I would be a great mum, she’s previously said.

But with Lamar, 36, still in hospital after his near-fatal overdose at a Nevada brothel in October, the news is undoubtedly bittersweet.

On one hand she’s thrilled because she’s dreamt of hearing this for so many years and is convinced James will make a fantastic father, says the insider. But she knows Lamar is going to be devastated. It’ll be really tough on the poor guy, which is why she’s kept it secret this long.

But, knowing what a happy future they have ahead of them, James, 26, has been nothing but supportive ever since a distraught Khloe rushed to be by Lamar’s bedside in October.

He’s been super respectful, holding her hand throughout the Lamar nightmare and understanding that after Lamar’s overdose, she couldn’t go public for a few months, says the source. But now she’s ready… once she’s spoken to Lamar.

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