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Process and technology: Sound waves are used on microfocused mode to create thermal zones at the deepest level of the skin like smas layer. A micro wound is created, which further initiates the body’s natural mechanism to regenerate collagen, thus lifting and anchoring the skin.

USP: This treatment can be used to treat superficial fine lines, wrinkles, laxity and sagging of the face and neck. In some countries, decollatage is aslo covered by it. Trials are going on for full body treatment, the results of which will be clearer by 2018 Khloé Kardashian .

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Teamed with other treatments: Ultherapy can be combined practically with any treatment, but there must be enough time of three to four weeks between the sessions. Clients can achieve the correction or the enhancement of the skin right from the surface to the muscles and fat. Also, the face can be corrected keeping in mind the 3D approach where texture, tone, lift and Khloé Kardashian sculpting are taken care of.

Sessions required: The time taken for the procedure is 60 to 120 minutes and depends on the doctor, too. The results are visible after three months and lasts for almost 15 months.

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