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And insiders say Jordan’s feud with Pete started to thaw around March when he accidentally called her while trying to contact their nanny about the children.

A source says: âœJordan was


Insiders say Jordan’s perfect Christmas involves a truce with her ex-husband Peter Andre – as she and husband Kieran Hayler prepare for another baby in 2016 really surprised when she heard Pete’s voice, they had a civil conversation about the kids and she was so relieved they could finally do that. More recently Jordan has texted Pete about some of the children’s Christmas school events. It’s a big step for them, they’ve come a long way recently.â

Now pals say she wants to try to persuade Pete to sever his alliance with his agent Claire – who Jordan had to pay âœsubstantial damages❠to in 2010 after accusing them of having an affair – so that she and Pete can at least salvage a friendship.

A source says: âœKatie’s dream would be to have Pete, Emily and Amelia over at Christmas – she’s always wanted to have a big, happy extended family – she just wants to have peace between them all. She would rather continue the legal case with just Claire and keep Pete out of it.â


But for now, Jordan is focused on this Christmas and has lots of fun planned. A source says: âœIt’s her turn to have Princess and Junior and she can’t wait. On Christmas morning her house is chaos with wrapping paper and


Meanwhile, last week, Jordan had to deny rumours she was expecting, after being snapped with a slightly rounded tum.

But insiders say the former glamour model – who also has Harvey, 13, with footballer Dwight Yorke, as well as Jett, two, and 16-month-old Bunny with husband Kieran Hayler, is planning a sixth baby in 2016.

A source says: âœJordan has said she’ll have a boy next – she boxes everywhere, and all the kids running around. They’ll play Twister and board games all day, then have friends and extended family over in the evening for karaoke.’ George is in court in January and Amelia over for Christmas’ regularly gets her tarot cards read and another son has come up. She’d love two more babies.❠Pals say Jordan’s relationship dramas with Kieran – after she discovered last year he’d cheated with two of her friends – are old news and she’s desperate to finally put the past behind them.

The source says: âœKatie says 2016 will be a fresh start for her and Kieran and she wants to have a year free from drama. She’s vowed to cut anyone who makes trouble out of her life.

âœShe’d love to be friends with Pete and thinks if Claire wasn’t still in the picture driving a wedge between them, she and Pete would have been talking years ago.â

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