Kim Kardashian Inspired Bohemian Hairstyle

Hey guys today’s tutorial will be this very pretty bohemian sort of Kim Kardashian inspired look she wore this look for kids to us awards the last one 2011 and a lot of you guys emailed the pictures of this look and asked – for us to recreate it. So today I’ll be putting it together for you guys it’s a really adorable look it’s kind of like those bohemian loose waves and some random braids scattered throughout the hair really really easy anybody can do it. So if you want to know how to recreate it stay tuned and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do okay.

So to recreate this very simple hairstyle we’re only going to need a few simple things that most people will have and to recreate those kind of loose waves you’re gonna need to some sort of a curler this says gore-tex four and one the thickest barrel this is one and a half inch you don’t have to use an exact curler you can use any curler that has a large barrel one or one and a half inch would be better a few little elastics that sort of match your hair color and just a few bobby pins maybe one or two we’re gonna need some heat tamer spray or any other heat protectant because we are gonna be curling the hair a clip to hold the hair. So for this look your hair needs to be a longer and as you guys know my hair is naturally you know mid length. So, I am wearing my lucky hair extensions today in color number two in 160 grams set to create that you know long voluminous look and that’s pretty much it.

So the first thing we’re gonna do to start off the look is create the parting and I’m Kim it’s kind of going from one side to the other and for me I’m gonna do it from going from right to left and then once we have created the parting we’re just gonna separate the hair that we’re gonna be braiding and we’re not going to create a very thick braid it’s more like a you know medium sized braid. So, I would say about this much hair is enough. So once you have this hair in place make sure you have some on the side here because it looks like you know she has some hair from underneath that’s kind of waved and curled as well which looks really pretty.

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So once you have you here it’s just a really simple braid. So we’re gonna separate the hair into three sections and just create a regular braid. So there we go we’re gonna bring the front over the middle and the back over the front just like this and then just continue braiding it down just make sure that you have enough hair in all of the sections that you don’t end up with you know one short section there you just continue braiding that all the way down all right once you get to the bottom of the hair don’t worry about going all the way down it doesn’t matter because the braid is gonna be kind of hidden in your hair anyways.

So once you get to pretty much you know the end just secure that with an elastic a few times once we curled it here we’re gonna do something with this braid but for now we’re just gonna let it go and then she has another braid kind of sticking out from you know somewhere in the middle at the front of the hair. So just randomly pick out some hair I’ll say maybe about this much just from underneath and create a regular braid as well. So once again when you get to the end of the hair this is how much hair, I have left at the end we’re just gonna secure that with an elastic.

So now we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side and for this side it looks like she has one braid on the pictures that, I saw but I’m gonna actually create two just to have some balance. So again for this side it’s kind of like a braid that’s sort of coming out somewhere from the middle. So I’ll grab some here from the inside panic above your ear you know the section above your ear and we’re just gonna break that as well into a regular braid.

So once again you get to the end of the braid just secure that with an elastic a few times that’s it we have this braid in this well and like, I said, I don’t think Kim has more than one on this side but I’m gonna create one more just from the inside because, I just want to kind of balance out this look and, I like the idea of having a few more braids. So for that I’m gonna just separate the bottom section and again create a regular braid again just secure the braid with an elastic once you get to the bottom of your hair there we go. So once we have our braids braid it in next up to do is just curl the remaining here I’m gonna start off with this side and, I just put the braids kind of in the back.

So they’re not gonna bother me while I’m curling the hair and I’m gonna separate the hair into two sections just. So that it’s easier when I’m curling and I’ll just clip this in the back somewhere and this section I’m basically going to curl you see how large the section is I’m just gonna curl this into two separate into two sections sections and curl that in two. So just like this.

So quite a large section and we’re just gonna hold the curler down and just wrap the hair around the curler and we’re gonna hold it there for about eight to ten seconds because it is a large chunk of hair. So you want to make sure that the curler has enough time to sort of keep up and heat the hair right. So now we’re gonna let the hair go as you can tell it looks like a more of a tight wave right now but once it opens up its gonna look exactly like we’re pretty pretty close to what Kim has which are very very loose sort of bohemian waves.

So again for this section I’m gonna do it in one big chunk. So we’ll just wrap it around the curler and hold it for eight to ten seconds or until the until you feel that the hair is really like nicely heat it up. So all right.

So now that we have the ends of the hair curl we’re just gonna curl this hair at the front and I’m just gonna use the curler downwards place the curler downwards and we’re gonna curl this away from our face. So as you can see I’m just wrapping the hair around the curler away from my face to create those you know curls that kind of go ours and then we’re gonna let it go and you can see it’s just creating this very nice loose kind of wave and you can do the same thing with these short layers right here if you have any if you want them to just kind of curl out as well alright. So now we have one side of the head curl and I’m gonna do the other side right now and basically just do the same thing just curl the hair in big chunks and when you get to the front of the hair just make sure you’re curling away from your face.

So I’m just gonna fast forwarded that right now and when I’m done I’ll be back and you’ll see the finished results all right. So once you finish curling all the hair this is sort of the look that you’re gonna have it’s very loose bohemian waves and very cute braids just sort of randomly scatter around your head. So the last thing to do is really just attach this to the head somewhere and basically what it looks like she has is just the braid is tucked in underneath the hair and you can use bobby pins to do this, I find that because I’m wearing extensions and my braid is thick and my head is you know, I have wax it’s harder to use the bobby pins.

So I’m just gonna use a little clip like this anything that you have that’s sort of you know nice and secure will do. So basically you just want to find look at your profile and you want to see where you wanna you know kind of position the braid and I’m gonna go underneath the hair and using this clip just kind of go over the braid and attach it to the head and then that’s sort of what it’s going to look like and you can just kind of move it down if anything and adjust your curls over. So here’s the finished look the hair is nice and loosely waved which gives you that very pretty summery beachy bohemian kind of look and, I just love these little random braids it’s really cute and it was really really perfect for summer.

So, I really hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial, I know it was requested. So many times. So, I finally did it for you guys and it’s really easy as you can see and I’ll probably wear this a lot for spring and summer well spring is almost finished for summer, I guess.

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, I hope you’re having a fabulous day wherever you are today was absolutely gorgeous in Toronto it was like in warm and felt like summer. So, I hope that wherever you are it’s also the same and I’ll see you guys in the next tutorial bye.

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