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What A-list actor broke things off with his much-younger girlfriend after she became pregnant but didn’t keep the baby for fear it would derail her budding acting career?

Over the past few months, Kim Kardashian has been refreshingly candid about the often unglamorous realities of carrying a child. For example, while many women especially celebrities claim to love being pregnant, Kim has cheerfully confessed that she’s hated every minute of incubating another human being, adding that it’s been the worst experience of [her] life.

But fans were nevertheless shocked when the 35-year-old recently admitted that she’s at risk for two very serious pregnancy complications, preeclampsia and placenta accreta, both of which threaten her health as well as the baby’s. A source close to Kim says that the disclosure may have been prompted by a recent middle-of-the-night trip to the emergency room: She was rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain around two in the morning, the source reports. Everything turned out OK, but it was very scary.

Now, the source says, Kim’s panicking. Every day she finds something else to worry about. She’s driving herself and [her husband]

Kanye [West] crazy. While she’s not due until Dec. 25, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that she’ll be able to carry the baby to term; North was delivered more than five weeks early because Kim developed preeclampsia (which some doctors think may be

North West, 2, has had a good run as the center of the Kardashian/West universe, but she’s about to have some serious competition. Will her new baby brother be able to top the incredible cuteness of Nori: (1) grumpily attending a Givenchy show in 2014; (2) lighting candles in Armenia last April; (3) chilling on a yacht in St. Barts in August; (4) hanging with Anna Wintour in September; (5) partying at Mom’s baby shower; (6) showing off one of her many Balmain-jacket-and-tutu ensembles in October; or (7) celebrating Halloween as Elsa from Frozen? We’ll see! signaled by severe weight gain). And Kim’s doctor has recommended a C-section because placenta accreta a condition in which the placenta doesn’t detach from the uterus postbirth could cause Kim to bleed to death if it isn’t dealt with promptly (a situation that could even require an emergency hysterectomy). However, Kanye is pushing Kim to hang on for as long as possible, the source says, because he’s really into the idea of a Christmas baby

Of course, all this drama is good for ratings, and the source says that Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, is eager to get it all on film for the family’s reality show. But about that, at least, Kanye is being reasonable and firmly putting his foot down. He’s told Kris that there’s no chance of having cameras in the delivery room this time, but she’s refusing to take no for an answer, the source says. Poor Kim feels caught in the middle. Not helping the situation is that fact that her sisters would also like to be in the room for the birth. Kim is overwhelmed, the source says. The whole thing is turning into a circus.

Given everything that’s going on, it’s no wonder that Kim is at the end of her rope and just wants the pregnancy to be over. Having this child means the world to her, the source says, but she’s so terrified that there’s nothing anyone can say or do to calm her down. She won’t feel better until the baby is safely in her arms.

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