Kimberly caldwell hair pictures

If you have done the Big Chop, put in cornrows or cut off your last bit of chemically straightened hair now is the time to take a picture.

Having a photo on hand at the start of your journey will help motivate you and keep you going during your journey.

A Brave New World?

As I slowly pulled off my silk scarf I felt my insides pull even tighter. I searched for a reaction in his face and his eyes, wishing for a sign of approval. Revealing my TWA to my husband was unnerving. Here was a black man who has seen me with every conceivable hairstyle from weaves to short pixies, to braids and shags and now in almost 10 years he was about to see the real’ me. He looked at my TWA and smiled. I like it! Let me shape it up for you.  My shallow breathing returned to normal and I felt a sense of relief as he caressed my coils with his fingers.

I feel free in my house; I feel free with my man but what about outside these doors? How is the world going to react? Back to shallow breathing.

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