How To Kiss French Style

Raspberry kisses have been around forever, and you may remember them from when you were a small child. While they are still the same kind of thing, they take on a totally different meaning. Sometimes when you are fooling around, raspberry kisses can lighten the mood a little, and they always bring a smile to peoples faces. To give a raspberry kiss (they work best on the stomach but can be given on the cheek) open your lips slightly and put them on skin, add pressure so your lips and their skin forms a kind of seal. Now blow as hard as you can. Your lips kind of flutter, causing a tingling sensation on your partner’s skin.

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When you partner closes their eyes, kiss their eyelids with soft butterfly kisses. This lets them know that you are still looking at them even though they can’t see you.

Whisper something sweet in their ear then finish it of with a quick peck on their ear. The sensation of someone lightly breathing in your ear makes your hairs stick up at the best of times, and if they are doing this while saying something romantic it is a bonus. Sealing it with a kiss finishes it all nicely.

Around Christmas time, always look out for mistletoe for your opportunity to kiss your partner. Have a supply around the house so you can pull it out at any time. They have to give you a kiss now because it is mistletoe. Even when it isn’t Christmas, get hold of some mistletoe as a joke, but make sure you get a kiss for it. Don’t try it too often; otherwise, the funniness will wear off.

For an adventurous twist, try placing a strawberry, grape, chocolate or other food in your mouth and lean towards them so they remove it from your mouth. This is both romantic and funny. The best thing is that you get a treat at the end of it.

When you are kissing, gently stroke your partner’s hair or run your fingers through it, so it lets them know you feel comfortable kissing them. There are also a lot of very sensitive nerves on the top of the head, so it is very relaxing when someone is stroking it. Take note if they have done their hair nicely though, as you don’t want to mess their hair up. This could have quite the opposite effect!

Kiss the top of your partner’s head when watching TV or cuddling for any reason. Even when you are just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, it is still nice for your partner to know you appreciate them.

Squeeze their hand when you give them a kiss. It brings them back to reality a little and lets them know you are really enjoying it. Also, because all they are thinking about is the kiss, when they feel their hand being squeezed there is another sensation somewhere else.

Unexpected kisses for no reason are always valued! There shouldn’t always be a reason for why you have to kiss each other. These are sometimes more meaningful than kisses that have a reason.

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