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Differences Between Men and Women Everything I am about to let you in on refers to the average woman and the average man. “Average” meaning most but not necessarily all, because everyone is different and raised differently, therefore having different morals, different feelings and emotions.

But just like everything in life, men and women have different feelings and thoughts towards kissing. Again, women tend to think of kissing on a more intimate and emotional level and men on a more physical level.

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Men are better at dividing emotions and feelings from physical activities, whereas women see it as a big picture. When men think of a kiss, they think of it as two lips (and a bit more) joined together. They think about the person they are kissing and how hot or not they are. Also, they may tend to think about what this kiss may lead to physically. On the other hand, when a woman shares a kiss with a man, she will be thinking about how this will be affecting their relationship with this man and how much she has wanted him to kiss him, what he thinks of her kissing technique, and so on. The thought of sex probably hasn’t even crossed her mind at this point, with the exception that she was planning on having sex with this man before the kiss.

A lot of men think of kissing as a step needed to be taken to get to something more, e.g., sex. They know there is no way that they will be able to have sex with anyone unless they kiss them, and that is something they will be willing to do to get what it is they want.

Now, don’t get me wrong: not every man that kisses you is going to try to sleep with you in the next five minutes, but subconsciously that is what they are thinking about and wishing for. There is nothing wrong with this; everyone has needs.

For women, the first kiss is more emotional, like the attraction is on a higher level now, and many start to think and analyze the situation too much. Guys, on the other hand, just think of it as a score.

Just because a man may not want to have a deep and meaningful relationship after your first kiss shared doesn’t mean he feels nothing for you or didn’t enjoy the kiss just as much as you. Women naturally let their feelings out and know how to put what they mean into words without making people confused. Men don’t seem to have this luxury to speak their minds. In a way, this is society’s fault for putting so much pressure on men to be tough and macho. It is thought that if a man communicates his feelings, he is soft and has let his guard down. There is a perception that the manly thing to do is to not show or verbalize emotion. This is a completely inappropriate attitude to have. Men have feelings, too, and to verbalize this is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength and a sign that men have managed to evolve. But still some men can’t see past this. Therefore, it is important that you don’t take his lack of communication as a sign he doesn’t like you. This concept goes both ways, too, because women are so used to opening up that it might be a little overbearing if you let all your built up emotions out all at once. It would be better to take it slowly.

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