Kissing Techniques For Guys

Kissing Reactions Everyone reacts differently to someone else’s actions, but the hardest part is reading someone’s reactions to a kiss and trying to figure out what they mean. With the good responses also come the bad. These are the hardest ones to read but are also the most important. You won’t want to carry on if you know someone is uncomfortable.

Pulling Away: If someone keeps on pulling away every time you go to kiss them, then this is an obvious sign you need to put the brakes on. They don’t want to kiss you at this time. There are two reasons for this. The first is that perhaps they don’t feel this way about you and don’t want to kiss you. The second is that perhaps they don’t feel ready to kiss you and you are putting them in an awkward position. So definitely don’t try and kiss them again. If it’s the second reason, then they will kiss you when they are ready because they already know you will kiss them back.

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Using More Pressure: If they start using more pressure when they kiss you, then this is a great sign. It means they really enjoy kissing you and really getting into it. They are also a compatible kisser with you because they feel comfortable enough to take a little control over the situation.

Feel Their Head Pulling Away: If you are kissing them but can feel their head pulling away, stop because for whatever reason they don’t want to continue and you don’t want to embarrass yourself. Even though they were also kissing you back, either they realized this isn’t what they want and don’t feel comfortable kissing you, or they feel you are moving too fast. Whatever the reason, respect their feelings and don’t push it. It may ruin whatever you have together.

Kissing But Pushing You Away: If you have both been kissing for a little while now and you can feel them slightly pushing you away a little with their hands, then read the sign as it was intended. They obviously need a bit of space. You are probably moving a little fast for them, or they need a breath. Whatever the reason for the push, don’t stress, as it is nothing bad. If they really didn’t want to kiss you, then they would have stopped kissing you altogether.

Kissing But Not Touching: If they are kissing you without any body contact and keeping a little distance, don’t be offended. Don’t worry, especially if it is your first kiss together. As long as they are still kissing you, they are still enjoying themselves. They may just be a little nervous so their body will be a little tense and things aren’t flowing for them naturally just yet. They may also be thinking more about the kiss and making sure everything is going right.

Pull Away But Then Want More: When you are kissing someone and they pull away and maybe come back five minutes later for more, don’t read into this too much. Obviously, they were in an uncomfortable position. Maybe they were going to lose their balance, or maybe they felt that it wasn’t appropriate for them to stop kissing, get into a more comfortable position, and then carry on. It may have seemed a little unnatural to them and even a little embarrassing. So they may have stopped then started again later so it would be less obvious they were uncomfortable.

Rubbing You While Kissing: If they start rubbing your hand, leg, arm etc., then they are really enjoying themselves and feeling comfortable. Unless you didn’t already guess, they really like you and obviously think you are a great kisser. If the kisses start getting heavier, and they are more adventurous with their touches, they probably want more. Don’t rush into it, though. They will let you know now that they have taken a little control.

Noises: Noises are definitely a good sign when it comes to kissing. They probably don’t even realize that they are doing it, but they are definitely enjoying themselves. They are so into the kiss that they have forgotten what is going on around them and have started subconsciously making noises. When I say noises, I mean things like “mmm” and “ahhh.” Anything more is a little over the top and may even be fake.

Kissing Then Stopping: If you have been kissing for a little bit, then all of a sudden your partner slowly pulls away, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that they have changed their minds. The best bet is that either you have slightly bad breath or they think they have. That is why they kissed you for a little bit anyway because they do want to kiss and they don’t want you to think otherwise. Rather than acting offended, take the time to give your mouth a little freshen up. There is nothing nicer than kissing a fresh mouth.

Climbing Kisses: If they start applying a lot more pressure and pretty much start climbing on you, it is pretty obvious they want more of you!

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