KITCHEN Bright and beautiful

Debbie spends most of her time in the kitchen, so the room had to be an inviting space. Glam pendant lights, colourful tins and a splash of colour on the work bench add character and make the room anything but boring.

Brighten a stark white kitchen in seconds. Think colourful pots, pans, utensils and even fruit.

LIVING ROOM African chic

The owner wanted a fuss-free, uncluttered living room where she could put her feet up. Not hanging curtains means the natural light streams in from the interleading outdoor patio, which helps create the airy feel Debbie was after.

Style tip

For a quirky pop of colour, use empty , tins as decor items – they’re fun and V inexpensive


Debbie Hannibal runs her own cooking school, Cook Culinary Studio, from her house in Joburg, so it’s no surprise that this large family home is an entertainer’s dream. She lives here with Craig, her husband, and Alex and Camilla, their daughters.

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