Knotted Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

Hey guys, I’m Abby from LA and Brooklyn’s here helping me today. Hello guys. And hey, do you guys like my hair? Or my hair? Or anyone’s hair for that matter? I’m wearing one of my fabulous Brooklyn and Bailey t-shirts and name where this quote came from, if you guys know. In the comments, comment below on what post this quote is from. And be sure to comment to our blog, push the comment button. Click the red button. And today we’re gonna be teaching you how to do the knotted waterfall braid, which is a really cool twist on the waterfall braid. It’s actually not a waterfall braid, but the knots turn into strands that look like a waterfall braid. Pretty much. So, there you go. To begin with I’ve parted the hair on the right and I’m going to go to the heavy side of the hair and pick up a section and I’m going to begin a regular three-strand braid.

Knotted Waterfall Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

When I get to the end I’m just going to secure it with an elastic, temporarily. I want the braid to fall kind of on a diagonal like this, looped around the back of her head. I need to find a little secure place to bobby pin this in against her head where it’s going to stay nice and tight. And I want the hair underneath to be laying straight and flat, so just make sure it’s straight on top, straight on bottom, find a good spot to bobby pin it. Use some bobby pins to pin it out of the way. Then you can go back and remove that elastic so that those ends blend a little better with the rest of her hair. Okay, so we’ve got our braid secured with the bobby pins and you can see the placement of about where we have the braid. We’re gonna go back up to the top and you can see our hair is falling straight underneath right now.

We’re going to pick up a little section of hair close to the top right here, and you want to grab a little section of hair that you can feel both on the top and then reach underneath and grab the same hair underneath so that you’re dealing with the same hair on the top and the bottom, like that. You’re going to take this strand and loop it up and to the right, underneath, and then take two fingers and put them through that loop and pull the end out. That’s gonna give you this nice little kind of knot right here over the top of the braid. You can see I just tightened it down to where I liked it right there. Now, to make sure that stays in place, what I’m going to do is give it a little tug so it’s nice and tight and then take a little tiny bobby pin and just grab that end right here that matches her hair and just slide it up and in. So that won’t show a ton, but it’s gonna help that knot stay put. Now we’re gonna go and do a few more down the back of the braid. So again, pick up a little section of hair on the top, find the same hair on the bottom, go up, behind, and pull it through. And secure it with a bobby pin. I’m gonna go ahead and do another one. We’re gonna keep creating them all the way down the braid. And there you have it. Final spin, the knotted waterfall braid. Bye guys.

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