How do you know when to use pressed powder rather than loose powder?

Pressed and loose powder are exactly the same product; pressed powder is loose powder that has been compressed into a compact. Loose powder is more economical and allows for more complete coverage because it is fluffier; it adheres more easily onto a brush or puff.

Use loose powder whenever you are at home. Use pressed powder for touch-ups during the day and whenever you travel, since loose powder is too messy to carry with you. (See chapter 11.)

How do you know when to use pressed powder rather than loose powder? Photo Gallery

We walked fast: we ran, sometimes, when it was cold and wet, because the hot water belonged to those who took the first half a dozen showers. Then it was dinner in the dining hall, a grand end-of-the-week meal with everyone in a good mood. Several of the captains and chiefs were there on that day; Daventry from navigation, Polata from seamanship, Michaels from naval architecture, Curran from engineering, Drabble from meteorology, Chief Robins from communications (before he left), and of course our own Chiefy Rozer. They made a jolly racket at the top-table, along with the senior cadets. Usually, we were told to keep the noise down. But not Saturday evening; the whole hall bounced with the sound of voices. We talked, we shouted, we argued, we boasted. I loved Saturday evening meals. Then we went out in pairs and groups, heading south towards town. John, Jimmy, Barry and me stopped in the Unity and all drank two pints of Double Diamond.

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