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Oh my GOD SO DELICIOUS Hello friends and family this is Megan Bowen AKA Chonunmigooksaram~ imnida And because it’s summer and I made one in spring. and I think I made one in winter too about, like, my Korea essentials and whatnot. And it seems like you guys really, really like that post so I was like okay well why don’t I just do one for summer. So that’s what we gon’ do. You guys know I dont like being hot and sweaty. In Korea right now it is currently so hot and so humid, its like death you go outside and YE DIE That’s what you do So sometimes after a long day when I’ve been sweating through everything I come home and I take a shower And sometimes I didn’t really feel that clean still. Like in the face area and I don’t really like using exfoliating soaps with like little beads in it because I feel like they like scratch your face and it’s not a nice feeling okay IT’S NOT NICE So I got this thing from Vanity Planet The Ultimate Skin Spa System And it is a facial cleansing / exfoliating system. It’s battery powered and it comes with 3 heads. It comes with a cleansing head which has very soft bristles.

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Comes with an exfoliating brush The brushes are a little bit harder But it’s still like not very hard so it still feels good on your face and it comes with a silicone brush Which is good when you need like a deep clean but their very, VERY soft. So it’s not like abrasive like if you use those like exfoliating cleansers and whatnot. AND it helps to unclog your pores oo yess and it comes in this little case. So I prefer this one I feel like it’s the most soft It has two settings slow and fast watchya know? So what I’ve been doing in the evening is just like when I’m cleansing my face instead of washing it in the shower I’ll wash it and I’ll use this I love this so much. So I feel like it really deep cleans your skin. And like it helps clean or remove like excess oils, ET CETERA (etc) and you know like cuz it’s a summer time here I’ve been sweatin all da time. So cuz im sweating all the time I feel like this just really gets in and actually cleans my skin and it also daily exfoliates probably cuz its very very soft also does really good in helping remove makeup too oma gad cuz like sometimes I’m too lazy to actually get makeup remover wipes and like remove my makeup that way So I’ll just put soap on and then I’ll use this and it removes the makeup pretty well obviously except for the eye makeup so in that case the face makeup is good and then after I use it I’ll just take a little bit of remover and like remove the rest of the eye makeup And actually if you wanted to get this one, you can get it at a super discount like 70% or something if you just use it through my code you can get it for like 38 bucks. But honestly you will not be disappointed. It’s just really fun too. So I wind up washing my face a lot longer than I would have normally. which.I don’t know if its good or not SWEET POTATOES As you guys know, I’m addicted to sweet potatoes. In korean it’s called goguma So usually in Korea they’re winter food for some reason they were available until the summer. And I was like OH YEAS So I definitely went and bought a big box of them.

And I have been still having sweet potatoes every single day But I’m down to my last 9 So after these last 9, I’ll probably have to wait until winter again. But because it’s summer it’s potato season so I just eat potatoes now. Not as satisfying but GOSH it’s so good I need water So far away The next food that I’ve been like killing the whole summer in Korea cuz its so hot is naengmyeon Naeng means cold Myeon means noodles I have been eating SO. MANY. NAENGMYEONS My favorite one from the summer though has to be the watermelon naengmyeon if you haven’t seen that post I’ll put the link down below. But holy cow So watermelon cold noodles is literally just you scoop out the middle of the watermelon. Fill it with some cold buckwheat noodles and you add vegetables, spicy sauce, and piece of watermelon in it. And oh my god its SO good. So me and Nichola and Hugh, from the My blog My blog MyKoreanHusband, they came to my house and we made it together. ITS AWESOME you guys should check out their My blog~ But the next best thing I’ve feel like my other favorite type of cold noodles I’ve been eating a lot this summer is called Kongguksu Kong means beans Guksu means noodles as well yeh its kind of confusing rite too many wants for noodles And so literally kongguksu is just you take soybeans and you soak them overnight then you boil them the next day, and then you peal off the skins and then you grind them up with water and make like a soybean broth and then you put like sesame seeds in it And I like almonds up in it And you just like put some cucumbers on the top and stuff. And its just Its just one of the best things in the world. mhm So when I first came to Korea I was like You want me to eat a cold noodle? grooosssss I can’t begin to tell you how delicious they are okay just so good Since potatoes are in season And eggplants are in season too I’ve been killing potato and eggplant side dishes at home And eggplants were 5 for 1 thousand won which is like 90 something cents 5 eggplants for 90 something cents? ARE YOU KIDDING MEH? The potato dish that I like to eat is called kamja chorim And it’s literally just like potatoes and then you put like soy sauce and then rice syrup on it and like some sesame oil oh ma gawd oh and onions too I spend like maybe a dollar fifty a day for these type of meals when I cook at home cuz they’re in season and it’s so cheap and also The eggplant The spicy red pepper eggplant, man Just take that eggplant, you slice it up Put some onions in it, put some red peppers in it Put some red pepper flakes and like sesame oil and soy sauce. Green onions too.

And sesame seeds. Nice, spicy, and so cheap And HELLA delicious I forgot how spicy I made that. So spicy. It helps cool down ma mouth sorray You hungray? Onto not food related things~ I’m mad that I didn’t find it last summer but Innisfree is one of the like Korean brands and they have this face lotion It is called The Green Tea Seed Cream And like legit it smells so good like this is the best smell I’ve ever smelled. If this was a perfume I would buy it. If this was an air freshener I would buy it It is the best smell and it smells nothing like green tea. Which is false advertisement.but we aint gon talk about dat rite now. smells so good But the thing that I like about it in the summer is that it’s so light. Its like very watery and very light. So when you put it on it doesn’t feel like you just put a whole bunch of crap on your face. And it goes really nice with makeup. And I also been using the same green tea body lotion cuz it smells the same. These are the only two items that have that smell like that which kinda makes me sad because I really want it and And its perfect cuz any other lotion in Korea makes me feel like too sticky and I hate feeling sticky. It feels terrible. Sticky is not for Megan Simone Bowen. okay. And speaking of being sticky and hot so you remember in my What’s in My Purse post when I was like ‘Oh I keep these Summer’s Eves wipes in my purse cuz it’s’ Summer’s Eves wipes. The Summer’s Eves Wipes, they like um Half way throughout the day, when I was feeling like I had all day booty and a little bit ya know crusty booty I would just like wipe it then But the only thing is though Summer’s Eve’s Wipes in Korea are like 15 bucks and I was like oh no. So why don’t I just use mul tissue because Korea has mul tissue everywhere. It’s just like water tissue so I literally keep this water tissue in my purse and when I’m outside and I’m talking to a friend and I feel the beads of sweat rolling down ma butt crack, which I hate. Struggle. You know what I’m talking about. I promptly run to the bathroom and I wipe my bootay cuz I cannot stand having a crusty all day booty. So mul tissue have literally been my essentials and they are literally everywhere and their only like a dollar. So, yes. So I hope you enjoyed that post. Don’t forgot to check out the link down below if you wanna get that Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System, it’ll be only 38 bucks for you guys which is hella cheap It is hella worth it. I highly recommend it. And any links to anything you could get in the post will be, you know, below that as well.

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