Welcome back to my blog and today I have a fashion haul for you guys. A Korean fashion haul along with a couple non Korean brands umm I’m actually gonna talk about mostly Chuu items because I have been obsessed and compared to Stylenanda and Mixxmix, Chuu has a lot of affordable options so thats why I went a little crazy but I didn’t spend that much so lets get started with this haul..will start with everything that I’m wearing right now and first I have this strawberry milk tee and I just though it was super adorable and umm I actually picked it up in the pink version as well as you can see here I’m also wearing a new Daniel Wellington read and this was just released on June 1st and Daniel Wellington sent me a code that you guys can use for a discount and father days is coming up so it might be helpful so definitely check it out im also wearing the minus five kilo jeans today and I love how comfortable they are there not like the super tight ones that.


I’m very used to wearing but because its very boyfriend style it does make you look like you lost five kilos and I love how holey these ones are. On my feet I’m wearing these silver Crucial sneakers and I’ve been obsessed with gold and silver uh accessories whether its sunglasses, my read and even my shoes so I’m definitely gonna be wearing them and later on in this haul you’ll see that I also have another color.

So some of you guys might be like Oh I definitely saw you unboxing it on Joanday but for those of you guys that aren’t comment to my second blog I wanted to bring those items here as well so some of you guys might know whats to come Alright so moving on to different shirts I picked up we have a pink striped strawberry milk shirt as well as the red you know like when your like shopping and you can’t decide which color is better or cuter that happened and thats why I picked up both the colors for these striped shirts as well as these almost baseball tees so The final shirt I picked up was this one right here its very similar to the one I’m wearing right now. But it doesn’t say strawberry milk on it um I really like this one because its not pink or red I wanted to get a shirt where I knew I would wear it like more often than these color ones but yeah I picked this one up as well I picked up two dresses I know two dresses and first we have this red one right here its super comfy to wear and you can wear it as a tube top or wear a white shirt under it like the way I did One of my favorite prints to wear is floral.

So I had to pick up a floral loose dress and I love the color of this and its perfect for the summer Other than the minus five kilo jeans that I’m wearing right now I picked up one more bottoms and its a skirt and this was from their cherry blossom collection so it was more for spring but I thought it was really adorable with all of these buttons right here and the back. A new purse that I added to my collection is this one from Grafea and Grafea is a UK brand and I just love the quality of their bags compared to the Cambridge Satchel Company I did prefer this one just because even though it may look smaller than the one I have it fits a lot more. I can fit both my cameras and a wallet in here which is very impressive so I love this new purse of mine and finally we have two more shoes and first we have these heels right here and you might be confused about what this is Its a ribbon and you basically tie it around your shoe and it just looks adorable and finally we have another pair of sneakers from Crucial which is a Korean shoe brand and I just love how gold this one is So now I have a silver pair as well as a gold one I hope you guys enjoyed this fashion haul if you are curious about any of the pieces I mentioned I will link everything in the description box so it can be easy for you guys to find online and if you want more fashion posts from me make sure to give this post a thumbs up and comment down below because I would love to know alright I’ll see you guys in my next post.

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